Whispers to Marijke

Whispers to Marijke


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Genevieve Hastings

Genevieve HastingsArtist Statement

The covered bridge structure speaks to the agricultural and architectural landscape of the area. Blooming ground cover and mint grow on the interior floor running along the sides of the walkway. An audio track loops, comprised of sounds below ground (seismic activity) sounds above ground (the trees rustling in the breeze and bird song) and sounds taken from outer space (via NASA). The soundtrack is specific to this place, micro to macro. The title of the piece is Whispers to Marijke. Marijke Byck-Hoenselaars founded Paradise Ridge Winery with her husband Walter Byck. When I read about her life, I was moved by her compassion and dedication to helping those in need. Her tireless efforts, often anonymous, with different organizations benefited so many. Her thoughtfulness was far reaching, touching the lives of strangers and those who loved her. Each time her children would visit, she would place a fresh flower by their bed. This gesture seemed to encompass the spirit of her kindness and generosity. The flowers are for Marijke and the audio track is the place she knew and loved whispering to her.

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