Cosmos From the Aurora Series: Aurora #313

Cosmos From the Aurora Series:  Aurora #313

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Catherine Daley

Catherine DaleyArtist Statement

Cosmos is a third in my Aurora series and alludes not only to the aurora borealis’ curtain of light, but also to the formation of a spiral galaxy and its whirlpool-like structure. The rod lengths reference musical scales and arpeggios. The quarter-inch aluminum plate has been drilled to allow the rods limited movement. The Plexiglas rods, which range in length from 18 inches to 5 feet, are sealed with acrylic beads on both ends and serve as an extra catch light when illuminated. The entire piece is supported from below with 8-foot powder-coated steel rods. Before creating my Aurora series, I spent many hours watching videos of the highly charged electrons from solar winds interact with elements in the earth’s atmosphere, thereby creating the aurora borealis. I also researched images of spiral galaxies, including a petroglyph that suggested this idea. I sketched out my designs as I watched these videos and studied the different images of galaxies. Inspired by nature, Aurora #313 alludes to the aurora borealis’ curtain of light. Its riverine archetypal shape also has some reference to music. The title, playing with the idea of numbered musical compositions, is the actual number of holes drilled into aluminum plate to suspend the 313 Plexiglas rods. My sculpture, installation and other works are frequently tributes to nature and the environment. They often contain a message or layers of meaning as I may comment on the destruction of our planet, a sensitive cultural topic or even a personal issue. My work tends to be site sensitive as opposed to site specific, allowing some flexibility for the work to be found in a different context. I work with a variety of materials: metal, Plexiglas, wood, photo transparency and glass; I select those that I deem are the best vehicle for a particular work.

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