Petaluma Depot

This inspiring work by Peter Forakis had never been assembled until it was dedicated in September 2008 at the Petaluma Railroad Depot, home of the Petaluma Visitors Center and the Petaluma Arts Center.

At age 80, Peter Forakis was more than ready to help tighten the bolts holding Dubull Eagull in place. He was assisted by Doug Unkrey of the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation. Peter is considered one of the founders of a 1960s avant-garde movement that applied mathematical concepts to sculpture. A prolific sculptor and teacher for much of his life, Peter is in his 80s, and lives in historic Petaluma, not far from Dubull Eagull.

The Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation worked closely with the City of Petaluma and the Petaluma Public Art Committee to facilitate the installation of Dubull Eagull. Our vision is to excite, inspire, and educate by promoting the placement of sophisticated and diverse types of sculpture, created by artists of international renown, in publicly accessible places in Sonoma County, with a special emphasis on large outdoor works.

The Dubull Eagull installation crew, all smiles after a successful effort, included crane operators, contractors, and members of the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation.

Peter on the wrench

Peter Forakis and Doug Unkrey

Installation Crew

Installation Crew

Hangover II

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PETER FORAKIS, 1927-2009