“Now” in Technicolor

“Now” in Technicolor

Colosky copy

Randy Colosky

Randy Colosky copyArtist Statement

Working for over 25 years, Colosky has honed his artistic practice using drawing and sculpture to re-contextualize commonplace materials into transformative visual poetics. Steeped in design, science, history, and humor, Colosky establishes a polarity between familiar and unfamiliar, which engages and often surprises the viewer. His material-driven conceptual works range from two-dimensional drawings and paintings to three-dimensional sculptures in a variety of media.“Now” in Technicolor exemplifies his use of a commonplace material. The language of his work is typically formal, geometric and mathematical. This non-narrative language offers the opportunity to work with complex concepts, but also allows viewers to relate to universal characteristics within his work and bring their own experience and imagination to the works. Colosky’s background as a fabricator and building contractor has influenced greatly the materials and processes he chooses for his works. He believes that materials are inherently content and that revealing the nature of materials acts as an initial bridge to the viewer and opens a door for further investigation.

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