Special Exhibits

ExhibitsOverviewFor more than a decade, Paradise Ridge Winery has hosted free outdoor displays of sculpture in Marijke’s Grove, four acres of ancient oaks and natural beauty on the winery property. Since 2012, the Byck family, owners of Paradise Ridge, have worked collaboratively with the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation to enhance and boost the annual sculpture exhibit. The first exhibit, The Spirit of the Man, honored Al Voigt, cofounder of the foundation, who passed away in 2011.

Paradise Ridge Winery is also home to permanent exhibits, include the Temple of Remembrance, a 25-ton steel structure that provides a sacred space for reflection and renewal.

Join us this year as we help Paradise Ridge Winery salute its 20th anniversary with 20 works of art that celebrate sculpture. The exhibition, presented by the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation, includes an exciting group of emerging artists along with a core group of established artists. It’s a new presentation of diverse works that runs through May 2015.