Impala / Gazelle Bust

Impala / Gazelle Bust

Wise bust copy

Linda Wise

Linda WiseArtist Statement

I am a manager for a garbage company in Eureka, California. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of waste humans generate. Objects seem to lose their usefulness so quickly in our society. But many things are still useful. The reality of waste is that there really is no such thing as waste. Most items that are discarded still have usefulness. Today waste is used as a raw resource that can be transformed into building materials, playground mats, new containers, compost, energy, and in my case, ART! When I go to the dump, I don’t see waste. I see the potential for sculptured deer, cows, goats, warrior women, benches and gates. I let the objects that I find give me direction to what forms my sculptures will take, some abstract, some functional, some serious and some are whimsical.

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